die board milling machine solve the problem of laser cutting problem

laser die board milling board patternAre you still hesitating choose which brand laser cutter for die board cutting?

Are you hesitating whether to replace low-power laser to high power laser machine?

Are you still worrying about the high power laser machine using cost?

It is time to solve all your problems!

Yisong die board milling machine come to the market, a new revolution to laser die mold industry! Abandon laser cutting die board. Using patent technology, milling bit cut 18mm die board at one time, with high-precision, high-efficiency, high-return, you can get you money back with a few months.

Yisong die board milling machine features:

 High precision, high speed, high return

 low-cost, non-polluting, none radiation

First choose of electronic die-cutting, printing[printing?:printing cutting finishing solution], packaging[packaging?:DCP-H series packaging sample cutter plotter] and other die cutting[die cutting?:die cutting] mold cutting

fully replace laser die  board cutting machine[cutting machine?:CUTCNC sample maker cutting machine]

Yi Song eight-axis CNC milling machine, the latest European technology

environmentally friendly, low-carbon