die mold makinng machine attend Sino Corrugated 2014

die mold makinng machine attend Sino Corrugated 2014, customers like it very much, as it is reaplce laser cutting machine, can help them save much using cost and no bad gas

flatbed cutting table cut metal wire insert gasket

flatbed cutting table cut metal wire insert gasket make production of metal wire insert gasket

CUTCNC gasket cutting system

CUTCNC gasket cutting system is widely used in automotive cylinder,valve and pipeline industry to cut various gasket materials, such as asbestos, non-asbestos, PTFE(Teflon), rubber, graphite tanged Insert (stainless steel inserted).

die board milling machine solve the problem of laser cutting problem

Yisong die board milling machine come to the market, a new revolution to laser die mold industry! Abandon laser cutting die board. Using patent technology, milling bit cut 18mm die board at one time, with high-precision, high-efficiency, high-return, you can get you money back with a few months.

what is steel rule die mold?

A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape material using a press

Honeycomb sandwich board 45 degree diagonal cutting machine

For thick materials, such as foam board, re board, honeycomb board, sandwich board, gray board, polypropylene honeycomb sheet, CUTCNC 45 degree diagonal cutting machine can achieve a good folding creasing effect by V cut blade tool.

Global patent product die mold milling machine on 21st Aug to 23rd Aug Sino folding carton exhibition show

YiSong technology developed the first set die mould milling machine cut die mold wood board by milling blade instead of fire cutting.

CUTCNC CAD/CAM mutli-function router cutter

CUTCNC CAD/CAM mutli-function router cutter, two machines in one machine-cutter and router. It not only saves much space, but also has a more efficient operation, cutting and engraving together.

Role of Packaging

Packaging is not an end product but a mode of transport and protection for other products

What is coroplast

Coroplast is a brand name of corrugated plastic and a registered trademark of Coroplast, Inc

custom lightboxes V cutting machine

custom lightboxes V cutting machine can custom lightboxes for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Constant seating stress gaskets

We offer flatbed cutting machine to cut those Constant seating stress gaskets, make sample and do small production. Help manufacture save much die cut mold cost.

Solid material gaskets

Solid material gaskets knife cutting table cut Solid material gaskets

sheet gasket CNC making machine

sheet gasket CNC making machine can be used to produce a full range of standard soft cut, metallic and semi-metallic gaskets

gasket failure reasons

uneven distributed pressing force, the uneven pressing force is caused by a variety of factors, first is the human factor: asymmetric construction of the preload bolt
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