Global patent product die mold milling machine on 21st Aug to 23rd Aug Sino folding carton exhibition show

die board milling machine

YiSong technology developed the first set die mould milling machine cut die mold wood board by milling blade instead of fire cutting.

Extensively used in printing[printing?:printing cutting finishing solution] box, printing, packaging[packaging?:DCP-H series packaging sample cutter plotter], electronic die cut, high precision die cut ;processing wood board mould, electricity board mold, PVC[PVC?:PVC sample cutting machine] board mould, acrylic board mould, aluminum plate mould, also can soffit formwork mould, stripping plate mould.  It is the first choose of manufactures:

milling machine cut wooden board

Abandon laser cutting solutions
Global patent technology
Pioneer "eight-axis cnc" die mould milling machine
Completely replace laser cutting
High precision, high speed, low cost and high reward
 Green environment , low carbon, non-pollution and radiationless
Electronic die-cutting, printing, packaging and other industries die cutting[die cutting?:die cutting] processing preferred