Singapore lampshade customer order our DCE series CNC cutter

One Singapore lampshde customer visit our company on 30th, Oct. Bring their PET material to test on our machine, think it is very perfect. As our machine can make cutting and creasing on their PET material at one time.  They ever have a graphtec plotter, need cut at a amazing 15 times to cut one layer PET. They are so excited to found our machine, order it after they verify the machine in our showroom, then get som training at the same day.  Back to Singapore, trandfer the amount yesterday.  Can not waite to get the machine soon. 

lamp cover sample singpore custoemr making

The sample they test on our machine 



pp plastic sheet cutter and the tools


According our experience, and customers' feedback, CUTCNC[CUTCNC?:cutting machine sample maker manufacturer] DCE series cutter plotter[cutter plotter?:sample maker cutter plotter] is the only perfect equipment to make PP, PET, PVC[PVC?:PVC sample cutting machine] lampshade[lampshade?:Lampshade sample cutting machine], some brand can not creasing well, some brand even can not cut it, as it is a little hard. Guzhen, Zhongshan is a famouse lamp town all over the world, they are more than 200 PP, fabric lamp shade manufacture using our machine for production, so anyother customer need lampshade cutter, please do not hesitate come to CUTCNC. As others can not make it well at all. 

Below is the video show you how it works: PP lampshade cutter  
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