CNC die board sawing machine

CNC die board sawing machine

1. Solve laser die mold quality problem

The cutting precision, width of kerf, the upper and button kerf vertical, the clamping of the  die steel rule blade, all much better than laser die mold, and can keep very long time. Because of Yisong advanced CNC control technology and sawing process way, can ensure the same width of kerf, and upper and button kerf vertical, solved laser die mold quality problem.

2, Inprove of clamping of the kerf

After laser cutting, will  leave a brittle carbide layer kerf on the walls, while in die cutting[die cutting?:die cutting], the carbide layer will break and fall under attack. At least, the clamping of kerf and verticality will be effected.  Yisong Die board Sawing machine, using saw blade to make process, will leave wood fiber on each side of the wall, the fiber will add the friction force to the steel rule blade, and the fiber will leave on the wood always, so even after a few times install the blade, the clamping of the kerf can keep the same. Improved the durability of the die mold, precision and reduce the amount of deformation

3. Control and adjust the width of Kerf

Using laser cut die board, the kerf is not precise, all base on operator experience, to adjust the laser beam and power to achieve adjust the width of the kerf. Yisong  die board sawing  machine use the the fixed width of saw blade, process speed, rate of oscillating etc three factor to control the width of kerf, to achieve quantitative management and control, reduce the quality of human factors on die board quality.

4. Improve the stability of the process precision 

The output power of laser machine is releated to  laser generator, laser tube, laser lens,  but while using it, those part will become old then the output power of laser is not stable, make the die mold quality not stable. Yisong sawing machine using sawing process way, the impact of kerf width is negligible, make the kerf width lasting stability.

5. Solve the problem of Kerf gap bell improve the verticality of kerf

Laser cut die board, will make a ball mouth on the board, one side is bigger, one side smaller. It will make the the die mold kerf out of the vertical, it will effect the precision of die cutting, also effect the life span of the die mold. Yisong die board sawing machine use fixed width saw cut it, will not have ball mouth, the steel rule blade will vertical, ensure the precision of die cutting, and can ensure die mold use very long time.

6, Reducing distortion of die board

Laser cutting machine[cutting machine?:CUTCNC sample maker cutting machine]  will have high temperature during processing, will produce middle arch board after cold, bridges, etc. become deformed.  It is serious defects of high precision die mold. The general solution is use good quality die board wood, such as Finland board, greatly increase the cost of die board manufacture, the indirect costs will be passed to the customers. Using ordinary wood will increase the deformation, impact install steel rule blade difficulty and accuracy.

Yisong die board sawing machine, can make high precision die board, will not deformation, no need good quality die wood,  greatly reduce the cost of die board material procurement costs, enhance competitiveness and die cutter corporate profitability.

Meanwhile it is easy to install the blade, you can install blade in any time, easy for production.

7. Solve the problem of laser smearing

Yisong die board sawing machine use saw blade cut board, the upper and button process at same time, so will not have laser smearing, make sure the kerf verticality, the blade installation quality and life span of die board will improve greatly.

  1. Remove the black edge of die board

Laser cutting die board will burn the board, the kerf and edge will become black, not just effect the appearance, also make your hand dirty, but Yisong sewing machine using saw ing process, keep the natural texture of wood, make the die mold more clean, tidy, customer will like it more.