shakti packaging

packaging ssample cutting machine in india

SHAKTI  PACKAGING[PACKAGING?:DCP-H series packaging sample cutter plotter] is the biggest packaging manufacturer in India, they specialist in manufacturing and exporters of packaging material, Corrugated boxes, mono cartons,etc. all these packaging material are made as per the contemporary demand of various industries. 

   SHAKTI  PACKAGING purchased our DCP-H[DCP?:packaging sample cutting machine][DCP-H?:packaging carton box sample cutting machine] series  packaging sample cutting machine[cutting machine?:CUTCNC sample maker cutting machine], used to cut their box sample cutting, according their feedback, it proved that our equipment increased   their effciency, saved  labor and die cut cost to  box sample and  short run productions, We are so delighted to know that our equipement is helpful for the biggeat packaging company inn india --SHAKTI PACKAGING.  Hope it can work for you.