corrugated paper digital printer


corrugated paper digital printer
Printing[Printing?:printing cutting finishing solution] on corrugated cardboard can be an easy process with the right tools. Most printers do not have the capability to print[print?:printing image graphic cutting solution] on cardboard because of the thickness and grooved, but you can print directly onto the cardboard using our digital printer now. 
We have been into the market flatbed printer more then 20 years, use our experience of printer and deal with Epson printing head, we developed corrugated paper[paper?:paper sample maker cutting machine][corrugated paper?:DCP-H series sample cutter plotter] digital printer.  Print on corrugated directly, make sample and do small production. You can print in below step: 
1. Create the design or text you want to print on your box on the computer using photo-editing software.
2. Import the edited design into our corrugated paper digital printer drive  system, then set the parameters. 
3. Put one cardboard onto the table, start the machine, start to print. 
4. The cardboard will more automatically after finish printing. Then put another material onto table, print another one. 
You can see it is very easy to print, easy to make new design, has max 2.5m width, can meet all the needs of carton[carton?:carton box sample cutting machine]. It will do a grate help for you small order.