Lid and tray corrugated box making machine

Lid and tray corrugated box making machine

Our company specializes in sales of lid and tray box forming and gluing machine adopts Siemens PLC control, Schneider low-voltage electrical appliances, USA Nordson hot melt glue machine, ABB motor, German Sick photoelectric switch, Taiwan Ming-wei power and many years experience of developed  CNC equipment. We cover box forming gluing machine  in China, it will help manufactures solve much problem, save much cost.

The lid and tray box forming and gluing machine use automatic dispensing , automatic folding boxes, make a finished box from the die cut shape.                                                                                                        

greatly improved production efficiency , improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, much cost savings for enterprise. Its efficiency of the machine is 10 times than labor. 

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Features of Lid and tray corrugated box making machine:

  1. Automatic paper[paper?:paper sample maker cutting machine] feeder

 2 . hot melt automatic recycle , mixing , gluing

 3 . hot melt adhesive tape automatic transmission, cutting device, disposable cardboard inside the box to complete the job fillet corners .

 4 . below the belt with a vacuum suction blower control over paper from deviating .

 5 . a plastic[plastic?:Plastic sample cutting machine] paper and cardboard inside the box with hydraulic pneumatic correction device, the ability to accurately locate fit , fitting error ± 0.5mm.

 6 . carton[carton?:carton box sample cutting machine] forming unit according to the top of the carton conveyor belt , automatically collect boxes to the forming part .

 7. carton forming unit operations into a coherent boxes, wrapping , folding ear and folded into the molding operation .

 8. PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracing system, touch screen interface , the implementation of heaven and earth cover disposable tray molding production process automation .

lid and tray box making process

making process of lid and tray box


finished folding box

lid box making folding process