CUTCNC short run plateless carton paperboard digital printer

CUTCNC short run plateless carton paperboard digital printer

CUTCNC[CUTCNC?:cutting machine sample maker manufacturer] short run plateless carton[carton?:carton box sample cutting machine] paperboard digital printer is mainly used for small quantity and few units carton box[carton box?:carton box] printing[printing?:printing cutting finishing solution] task, no need to make plate, low cost and environmental protection, can meet diversified small quantity fast printing demand.

Traditionally carton printing needs much power and manual work. To save cost most printing service supplier will refuse the small quantity printing demand. Now with CUTCNC short run plateless carton paperboard digital printer, even for one unit order, you can finish it fast with low cost.

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1.For various carton[carton?:carton box sample cutting machine] paperboard materials, such as corrugated cardboard, honeycomb board, coated paper[paper?:paper sample maker cutting machine], enamel paper, liner paper,etc;

2.No need to make plate, contactless digital printing[printing?:printing cutting finishing solution];

3.Quick printing;

3.High printing precision;

4.Low noise;

5.Low power consumption;

6.Only one operator can handle the whole process; 

7.Auto color mixing.

8.Low printing cost, suits for small quantity carton box printing order.



GX2500 High Speed Monochrome Black and White


    GX2500 CMYK(Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)



Professional printing[printing?:printing cutting finishing solution]

Print[Print?:printing image graphic cutting solution]-head quantity 

8 groups of 24 rows  Epson head

2 groups of 16 rows Epson head

Printing precision


Minimal character

Number,english between 2 and 3mm


monochrome black and white

CMYK(Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)

Graphic format


Print speed

The maximum about 500㎡/hour

The maximum about 150㎡/hour

Printing Area

2.5 meter width unlimited length

Corrugated  thickness

automatic adjustment

Print-head distance

2mm~4mm automatic adjustment

Drying rate

Corrugated Fast-drying ink(printing ink dry soon after printing

Ink supply system

dust-free totally-enclosed automatic Ink supply system

Constant temperature system

Automatic drying Constant temperature system

Working environment

room temperature 3℃~45℃ humidity 30%~80%

Press roll

Infrared induction Automatic Press roll

X,Y Drive

servo drive

Paper[Paper?:paper sample maker cutting machine] feeding mode

Automatic/ manual operation




220V±10%, 50 60HZ

Machine measurement




1. With high precision and stability, approved by market

2. High cost performance: world-leading technology with competitive price.

3. Considerate after-sales support: free repair 1 year, lifelong maintenance.