DCP-H Series Advertising Material Cutting Machine

DCP-H Series Advertising Material Cutting Machine

DCP-H[DCP?:packaging sample cutting machine][DCP-H?:packaging carton box sample cutting machine] series cutting equipment[cutting equipment?:cnc cutting system sample maker] mainly used in advertising[advertising?:advertising material cutting machine] industry to cut POP materials, such as micro foam PVC[PVC?:PVC sample cutting machine],KT borad and other materials.

DCP-H series advertising cutting equipment is the new generation of POP cutting equipment. The performance compared to the original style has a great improved quality in processing speed, precision and operation. And also the  the appearance looks like more scientific and technological. DCP-H series advertising cutting equipment can set functions  as mapping ,cutting, drawing together.

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1.It can cut many advertising[advertising?:advertising material cutting machine] materials (such as KT board[KT board?:advertising KT board cutting machine], Thin board, Micro foam PVC[PVC?:PVC sample cutting machine], corrugated paper[paper?:paper sample maker cutting machine][corrugated paper?:DCP-H series sample cutter plotter], grey board[grey board?:grey board sample cutting machine],compound materials).

2.It supports half cut ,whole cut, high precision pattern drawing.

3.Two interchangeable tools,whole sets head design,convenient to change cutting tools.

4.Four spindles high speed controller,modularizing installtion,convenient for maintenance.

5.Cutting depth could be adjusted to meet customer need.

6.Using laser lamp improve location precision.

7.Using for sample maker[sample maker?:sample maker cnc cutting machine] or small batch of production.



DCP[DCP?:packaging sample cutting machine] -2516H

DCP -1713H


Effective cutting area





Oscillating blade、pen、creasing wheel、drag knife


It is used in Advertising[Advertising?:advertising material cutting machine] industuy .it can cut and crease 15mm KT board[KT board?:advertisi

Advertising cutting equipment

1. With high precision and stability, approved by market

2. High cost performance: world-leading technology with competitive price.

3. Considerate after-sales support: free repair 1 year, lifelong maintenance