How to dispose egg carton?

An egg carton[carton?:carton box sample cutting machine] is a container designed to transport and protect eggs. Each egg rests in an individual cup to prevent it bumping into the other eggs and potentially cracking them. The egg carton was invented in 1911 by Joseph Coyle.

Egg cartons are made out of different materials, but usually either polystyrene[polystyrene?:cnc ps/polystyrene cutting machine] foam, plastic[plastic?:Plastic sample cutting machine], or recycled paper[paper?:paper sample maker cutting machine] and molded pulp. Once an egg carton has been emptied of eggs, if the egg carton is made of plastic or paper, it should be recycled. If the egg carton is made of polystyrene foam, there is a good chance that the egg carton cannot be recycled. In that case, there are many ways to reuse egg cartons.

One helpful way to reuse egg cartons is to use them for packaging[packaging?:DCP-H series packaging sample cutter plotter] materials. Egg cartons are great for crafts projects. You might use an egg carton to store craft supplies, such as beads of thread. An egg carton could also be used for candle or soap molds. Kids love to make things out of egg cartons, and it helps them to be creative -- some teachers might even accept egg cartons to use for projects in class.

If you are starting seeds for a garden, an egg carton is a great place to begin growing seedlings that can be transferred to a larger container later. You might also use egg carton to store small, fragile holiday ornaments during other seasons. If you shop at a farmer's market, bring an egg carton with you to refill. A little creativity and effort will go a long way.