3D v-cutting slim light box

The 3D V-Cutting Technology means that the light guide V-grooves have x, y and z axis dimensions, in other words, enlarged horizontal grooves and vertical grooves. The vertical V-grooves are widely spaced when they are close to the light source, and narrowly spaced when farther away from the light source. The enlarged horizontal V-groove are arranged in straight lines along an x-axis direction from the end edge of the light guide plate[light guide plate?:light guide plate] and have maximum enlarged portions located on the other edge of the light guide plate.

slim light box principle
Advantages of 3D V-Cutting
• It is with high-light conversion rate(30% higher than conventional LGP[LGP?:advertising LGP slim light box engraving machine]), even light, long life span (more than 20 years in normal usage indoors) and available both indoors and outdoors.
• Low power consumption
• Can be made into special-shaped ones, such as round, oval, triangular and so on
• You can choose thinner one to save cost when the brightness is same
• The light source can be LED/ CCFL/ T5
• Environment protective

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