osaka led panel

slim light box     Osaka led panel is a lighting products manufacturer in Turkey, It has introduced more than 1000 kinds of products.

    This years, the slim light box is instead the triantional light box, because it is energy saving and beautiful as a manufacturer of lighting products, it is very necessary for them to get this market. But what a pity, they can not find an equipment to produce it. At least, they found us, without any hesitate, the pruchased our DCP[DCP?:packaging sample cutting machine]-L series slim light box engraving manchine.

    Our equimpment is mainly used for grid & line engraving of light guide panel[light guide panel?:Light guide panel V-cutting machine], acrylic, plexiglass and other materials. They are main components of slim light box[light box?:light box], super slim light box, ultra-thin light box, LED light box, LED slim light box[slim light box?:advertising slim light box engraving machine] which are widely used in the commercial center, supermarkets, banks, stores, hotels, airports, bus stations, train stations, tunnels, subway stations, trains, elevators, exhibition and other large business areas for POP advertising[advertising?:advertising material cutting machine] promotion.

    So our equpment just the one they are hunting for so long a time, maybe it is the one you are looking for, go ahead, to learn more.