Light guide panel engraving machine

Processed by CUTCNC[CUTCNC?:cutting machine sample maker manufacturer] light guide panel[light guide panel?:Light guide panel V-cutting machine] engraving machine, light guide panel is widely adopted in advertising[advertising?:advertising material cutting machine] ultra-thin light box[light box?:light box], sign board, shop showcase due to its even light with features of environmental protection and energy saving.

CUTCNC light guide panel engraving machine is mainly used to engrave grid on light guide panel to reflect light. Ensure the same engrave depth, and the same brightness, Our light guide panel engraving machine created special to process high end slim light box.

Our models which can process light guide panel: DCP[DCP?:packaging sample cutting machine]-L series light guide panel engraving machine.

DCP –L Series Advertising LGP Slim Light Box Engraving Machine

DCP –L Series Advertising LGP Slim Light Box Engraving Machine

Slim light box engraving machine equips special engrave knife to engrave V-groove on acrylic LGP(light guide panel).
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